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Career Growth

A 5-card reading focused on how to progress on your current career path.

This reading has two variants: for those already working and seeking to grow in their career, and those who are seeking work and want to find the best opportunity.

Delivered in PDF format (containing photos of each card and detailed write-ups) within a week after receiving your payment.

Price: 1150 PHP

Important Reminders

Limited Slots Per Week

I can only accommodate a limited number of readings per week. If slots are full, the form will be closed until slots become available again.

Pay Upfront, No Refunds

Payment details will be sent once you send a Request form. Payment options are Paypal (for international clients) and local bank transfer or GCash (for Philippines-based clients).

Read the Terms and Policies

Read the FAQs & Terms and Privacy Policy pages carefully before you send a request. If you have any questions, contact me!

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"Career Growth" Tarot Reading Feedback

I appreciate the organized format of delivery (the PDF is good because I like keeping a record of my readings). The reader is able to articulate clearly what she sees in the cards (and nuance, if possible, what she reads against the context given."


In a nutshell: On point, Well received and Totally worth it! I love the format and tone the reading is in, combining both aesthetics and substance in one cohesive flow. The cards turned up old truths as well as new reveals, equal parts awakening and affirming. It was a layered reading and it gave me a pat on the back, a kick to the butt and much to think about."


I’ve been consistently working and trying to move forward but there has always been a lot of doubt. The reading was a great reminder and I felt touched to a core. I couldn’t help but think that El knew me personally also hahaha even though we just connected via email. I’m excited to continue with my plans with much more confidence."