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Testimonials & Feedback

"Your readings are amazing!"

I appreciate the organized format of delivery (the PDF is good because I like keeping a record of my readings). The reader is able to articulate clearly what she sees in the cards (and nuance, if possible, what she reads against the context given."


The reading was very insightful and relevant. It gave me clarity on my current situation and helped me process my thoughts and feelings. It also revealed something new about my situation that I think I've been overlooking - now that I know what it is, I'll be able to move on with confidence and strength. Thank you, El ❤️"


Wow. Your readings are amazing! Like I've had readings before but the first reader I had wasn't able to clearly explain the cards and my deck to me. I am so happy with your reading not because I perceive it as a positive result but because it helps me refocus on what I need to do to achieve the things I want in life, specifically my career. Also, it being in a PDF file allows me to review this whenever I feel lost or discouraged, unlike an in-person reading where I would often remember the feeling/energy more than the actual deck. I will definitely ask for a reading again sometime in the future but for now, please accept my many many thanks ♥"

Mef M.

"You are such a powerful reader."

The reading inspired me to finally get myself out there again and that it’s all about seeing things in a different perspective if I want actual progress. This is the push that I’ve been needing.

I appreciate how thorough and neat the PDF is! Detailed and thoughtful in every aspect— it even has a summary on the side and the cards used couldn’t be more perfect!

I also love the fact that I can always go back to this whenever I feel like I’m caught in the same cycle again.

I love you El. You are such a powerful reader."

Luna M.

There was a lot of clarity from the reading, and a lot of the advice coming from the cards was very reassuring. I came in the reading without any expectations. The cards were able to surface some feelings I've been keeping away from my mind, but the reading appropriately gave me an appropriate push to address them. Everything I was told was very timely and validating."

Gabbi P.

The reading is very very much on-point, it is as if El knows me very well. My current situation has been pretty much accurately described. It helps me stay grounded, helps me get clarity, and listen to the voice at the back of my mind telling me what to do."


"...your approach feels much more grounded and respectful."

I appreciate you centering your advice on me, on what I can control in this situation. Just thinking in terms of myself first and not what another person thinks or feels is unfortunately new to me. For readings involving romantic feelings in particular, there’s a tendency to try to guess at the other person’s feelings or what they’ll do; your approach feels much more grounded and respectful. I really appreciate it. "


El’s reading was ON POINT. From the situations cited to the possible emotions I felt! And all this considering I’ve only really met her once makes the reading more real for me and the guidance given a lot more meaningful. Also, having the PDF copy is tremendously helpful to me as I can read it thoroughly at my own pace and get back to certain points in the reading with ease. I am happy that El did my first personal read. FIVE STARS!"

Abby S.

I’ve been consistently working and trying to move forward but there has always been a lot of doubt. The reading was a great reminder and I felt touched to a core. I couldn’t help but think that El knew me personally also hahaha even though we just connected via email. I’m excited to continue with my plans with much more confidence."


In a nutshell: On point, Well received and Totally worth it!

I love the format and tone the reading is in, combining both aesthetics and substance in one cohesive flow. The cards turned up old truths as well as new reveals, equal parts awakening and affirming. It was a layered reading and it gave me a pat on the back, a kick to the butt and much to think about."


What a reading with El is like: Imagine you're thirsty, then someone splashes you with ice cold water. Now you're wet, you're disgruntled, but you're no longer thirsty and you've also come to your senses.

Explicit, nuanced, and frustratingly helpful, El and her cards offered answers to my questions and more."

Anthea R.

Really ON POINT and very satisfied. Your reading gave me good guidance and hope that I can still bounce back as a better person. Thank you so much, El. Will definitely book a reading again and hopefully by then, I'm in a better state."


Your reading brought into Light what's holding me back. Thank you."


"You are gifted! You must be a true empath."

You are gifted! You must be a true empath — to be able to get into a stranger’s shoes and deliver a reading that is on the mark."


I feel more assured than ever. The reading also validated my thoughts in a way and it's going to guide my better as I deal with my personal issues."


Getting a reading from El was easy, quick, and very insightful. Her reading about my character was very consistent and overall, it allowed me to materialize my goals by giving me guidelines on key action points.

If you want something concrete, El will give you all the ingredients. All you need to do is mix!"

Matt A.

I feel more assured than ever. The reading also validated my thoughts in a way and it's going to guide me better as I deal with my personal issues."


El is an amazing reader. She was able to connect and reveal even those information that I didn’t disclose to her. I also love how she was very accommodating with all my questions because it helped me gain clarity and gave me more direction. I can say that if and when you decided to book El, be prepared to be read like a book."

Lani B.

Oh Goddess... the cards are right to the bone."


"I’m amazed and intrigued at the ACCURACY."

I’m amazed and intrigued at the ACCURACY. You were 100% spot on—from what’s currently going on to my own internal conflicts with my relationship with myself and with my significant other. Your intuition is really amazing."


The reading was spot on and there were moments where I got goosebumps because the cards that appeared held more meaning for me than just the reading. It was very insightful and just the kind of nudge in the right direction that I needed. ... I got affirmation that the direction I wanted to take is a good direction, and I was reminded of some things that I tend to ignore on a regular basis."

Kaye D.

Oh my! It was so on point. Definitely hit me to core. I literally cried while I was going through the reading because everything mentioned there was true. It's as if you've known me for ages. Amazing how you understood and elaborated on my situation very clearly with the limited information I have given. I also appreciate you reaching out to me for clarifications and guidance regarding my case. I've had other tarot readings in the past, but your quality of service is topnotch- from the reading itself to our subsequent email correspondences. Overall, I am so satisfied and grateful for this reading."


"It's as if you've known me for ages. "

El, wow. Your reading put everything that I am feeling into words."


So much clarity in these 3 cards. Thank you for this."


I cried after reading what you sent me, actually. It really gave me a bird's eye view on my whole situation and some way, comforted me as well. It really gave me clarity and insight on things I was feeling and the things I needed to do for myself. There was a sense of relief after reading it and gave me direction on what I need to focus on for now."


Overall, this gave me so much clarity and I can't thank you enough!!"


Everything was on point. El's reading was so accurate there were times I stopped myself from crying. Not only were my feelings affirmed, but in a way, because of the experience, I go to consider the other new aspects of my life. I know that whatever comes out in the readings isn't set in stone, but it helped me realize what I have now and what I need to think about in the future."

Karisse P.

It was my first online reading, so I was really curious how accurate it will be. Then during my reading... I was so surprised how the reading relates with my past and present situation. Really, really accurate and inspiring! I would always love to have a tarot reading session with El."

Jimmy C.

"Really, really accurate and inspiring!"

What I like about El's reading is that aside from being on point, it makes you introspective and reflect on what has happened as each card turns up. She gives her readings without judgment and provides understanding."

Nina G.

I must say the read is aligned with my senses. You helped distill my gut feelings about the way things are going and will go. I'm also a fan of the delivery of the reading digitally. I'm impressed with the visuals and format."


I feel comfortable when El reads for me. She knows me well and makes sure to explain things in a logical way. I always feel calmer after a reading with El."

Mel V.

El's readings really calm me. They're sensitive and focused readings, and the surprises are usually enjoyable for me."

Isa L.

Wow, this is so on point with what I'm going through."

Jay C.

I have a tarot reading from El every now and then for a bit of fun, self-reflection and insight. I really enjoy her honest readings."

Pauline D.

I like the reading. It gave me clarity and guidance. And it helped me feel better. Thank you very much, Ms. El, I truly appreciate. I really enjoyed the reading and I feel at ease and at peace."


"It gave me clarity and guidance."

Thank you so much for your help, I really needed this. Your reading gave me hope to prioritize myself now more than ever."


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