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Hi! My name is El.

I've been tarot reading since 2005.

I’m a tarot reader in the Philippines who offers practical, actionable readings grounded in reality and the present. I provide TRUTH and CLARITY in every reading by literally laying your cards on the table so you can figure out your goals and what’s right for YOU.

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El Tarocchi PDF tarot reading sample pages
Sample PDF pages; photos and write-ups are placeholders only.

Written Tarot Readings Delivered to Your Inbox

I offer a variety of tarot readings suited for different queries, situations, and budgets. All readings are delivered in PDF format via email. Each PDF contains photos of the cards and detailed, personalized interpretations crafted just for you.

Testimonials & Feedback

I’m amazed and intrigued at the ACCURACY. You were 100% spot on—from what’s currently going on to my own internal conflicts. Your intuition is really amazing."


I appreciate you centering your advice on me, on what I can control in this situation. For readings involving romantic feelings in particular, there’s a tendency to try to guess at the other person’s feelings or what they’ll do; your approach feels much more grounded and respectful. I really appreciate it. "


You are gifted! You must be a true empath — to be able to get into a stranger’s shoes and deliver a reading that is on the mark."


Wow. Your readings are amazing! ... I am so happy with your reading not because I perceive it as a positive result but because it helps me refocus on what I need to do to achieve the things I want in life, specifically my career. Also, it being in a PDF file allows me to review this whenever I feel lost or discouraged, unlike an in-person reading where I would often remember the feeling/energy more than the actual deck."

Mef M.