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Tarot Readings

These are the tarot readings I currently offer. 
Click “Learn More” to check out the details of each reading and access the reading request form! 

Please note that I only offer written PDF readings with photos of your cards, delivered via email. I don’t offer face-to-face/live call readings or video/audio recordings at this time. Don’t forget to read my FAQs & Terms before you request a reading.

Vibe Check

A 4-card “vibe check” of your current situation.

Career Growth

A 5-card reading for career or business growth.

Heart Opener

A 5-card reading to manifest more love in your life.

Guiding Cross

A 10-card overview of your situation right now.

What Clients Say About My Tarot Readings

The reading inspired me to finally get myself out there again and that it’s all about seeing things in a different perspective if I want actual progress. This is the push that I’ve been needing.

I appreciate how thorough and neat the PDF is! Detailed and thoughtful in every aspect— it even has a summary on the side and the cards used couldn’t be more perfect!

I also love the fact that I can always go back to this whenever I feel like I’m caught in the same cycle again.

I love you El. You are such a powerful reader."

Luna M.

In a nutshell: On point, Well received and Totally worth it!

I love the format and tone the reading is in, combining both aesthetics and substance in one cohesive flow. The cards turned up old truths as well as new reveals, equal parts awakening and affirming. It was a layered reading and it gave me a pat on the back, a kick to the butt and much to think about."


I’m amazed and intrigued at the ACCURACY. You were 100% spot on—from what’s currently going on to my own internal conflicts with my relationship with myself and with my significant other. Your intuition is really amazing."