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About El Tarocchi

The Reader

Hi! My name is El. I’m a self-taught intuitive tarot reader from the Philippines, and I’ve been card slinging since 2005. Tarot has helped me make sense of the chaos and craziness that is life, and I aim to help everyone I read for bring this sense of truth and clarity into their own lives.

Aside from being a tarot reader, I’m also an agnostic / secular witch and a certified reiki practitioner.

Click here for a list of the references and resources that I used to learn about tarot and other elements of my craft.
The portrait of me on the right is by my friend, Jimmy Chung. Read more about this intuitive portrait.
el intuitive portrait by jimmy chung square

The Name and Logo

“El Tarocchi” is a play on my name, the Spanish (masculine) word for “the”, and the Italian word for “tarot”. If you’re wondering how to pronounce tarocchi, here is an audio guide. It sounds a bit like “tarok-ki”.

My logo was done by my friend, Karen Gosingan. I asked for a sun because I’m a Leo Sun who loves what it stands for as a symbol — positivity, truth, clarity, hope, and optimism.

el tarocchi logo