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Guiding Cross

This is the very best reading I can personally offer. 

This 10-card, detailed overview of any given situation is my own personal take on the popular Celtic Cross reading. It empowers me to deliver the deepest insights and most ideal guidance for any question or situation.

Delivered in PDF format (containing photos of each card and detailed write-ups) within a week after receiving your payment.

Price: 2800PHP

Important Reminders

Limited Slots Per Week

I can only accommodate a limited number of readings per week. If slots are full, the form will be closed until slots become available again.

Pay Upfront, No Refunds

Payment details will be sent once you send a Request form. Payment options are Paypal (for international clients) and local bank transfer, Maya, or GCash (for Philippines-based clients).

Read the Terms and Policies

Read the FAQs & Terms and Privacy Policy pages carefully before you send a request. If you have any questions, contact me!

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"Guiding Cross" Tarot Reading Feedback

Wow. Your readings are amazing! Like I've had readings before but the first reader I had wasn't able to clearly explain the cards and my deck to me. I am so happy with your reading not because I perceive it as a positive result but because it helps me refocus on what I need to do to achieve the things I want in life, specifically my career. Also, it being in a PDF file allows me to review this whenever I feel lost or discouraged, unlike an in-person reading where I would often remember the feeling/energy more than the actual deck. I will definitely ask for a reading again sometime in the future but for now, please accept my many many thanks ♥"

Mef M.

The reading was spot on and there were moments where I got goosebumps because the cards that appeared held more meaning for me than just the reading. It was very insightful and just the kind of nudge in the right direction that I needed. ... I got affirmation that the direction I wanted to take is a good direction, and I was reminded of some things that I tend to ignore on a regular basis."

Kaye D.

And just want to say that you are really great. The insights you can draw even though not meeting me or not knowing anything about me. Will book you again in the future if I need guidance."