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Heart Opener

A 5-card reading that’s all above opening your heart up for love — whether you’re single or taken.

Delivered in PDF format (containing a photo of the spread + detailed write-ups per card) within a week upon receiving payment.

Price: 1200 PHP

Important Reminders

Limited Slots Per Week

I can only accommodate a limited number of readings per week. If slots are full, the form will be closed until slots become available again.

Pay Upfront, No Refunds

Payment details will be sent once you send a Request form. Payment options are Paypal (for international clients) and local bank transfer, Maya, or GCash (for Philippines-based clients).

Read the Terms and Policies

Read the FAQs & Terms and Privacy Policy pages carefully before you send a request. If you have any questions, contact me!

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"Heart Opener" Tarot Reading Feedback

The reading was very insightful and relevant. It gave me clarity on my current situation and helped me process my thoughts and feelings. It also revealed something new about my situation that I think I've been overlooking - now that I know what it is, I'll be able to move on with confidence and strength. Thank you, El ♥"


I cried after reading what you sent me, actually. It really gave me a bird's eye view on my whole situation and some way, comforted me as well. It really gave me clarity and insight on things I was feeling and the things I needed to do for myself. There was a sense of relief after reading it and gave me direction on what I need to focus on for now. "