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Vibe Check

What’s the vibe? This 4-card reading checks in on your current situation, where it’s headed, and what energies you should be letting go and bringing in to ensure all the vibes align in your favor.

Delivered in PDF format (containing a photo of the spread + detailed write-ups per card) within a week upon receiving payment.

Price: 550 PHP

Important Reminders

Limited Slots Per Week

I can only accommodate a limited number of readings per week. If slots are full, the form will be closed until slots become available again.

Pay Upfront, No Refunds

Payment details will be sent once you send a Request form. Payment options are Paypal (for international clients) and local bank transfer, Maya, or GCash (for Philippines-based clients).

Read the Terms and Policies

Read the FAQs & Terms and Privacy Policy pages carefully before you send a request. If you have any questions, contact me!

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"Vibe Check" Tarot Reading Feedback

Oh my! It was so on point. Definitely hit me to core. I literally cried while I was going through the reading because everything mentioned there was true. It's as if you've known me for ages. 

Amazing how you understood and elaborated on my situation very clearly with the limited information I have given.

I also appreciate you reaching out to me for clarifications and guidance regarding my case. I've had other tarot readings in the past, but your quality of service is topnotch- from the reading itself to our subsequent email correspondences. Overall, I am so satisfied and grateful for this reading."


I feel more assured than ever. The reading also validated my thoughts in a way and it's going to guide my better as I deal with my personal issues."


I like how you presented it, very organized and as a first timer, it really gave me a sense of clarity even tho all those cards are new to me, I understood the message thru your explanations. It was spot on tbh, like every.single.card haha. I do agree on your advices too, cause those same thoughts have run through my mind. I wanna thank you for making my first tarot reading experience a comforting one, not sure if I used the right word lol but yeah, it was like talking to a friend. I would definitely want to try your other services in the future."