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Intuitive Portraits by Jimmy Chung

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I never get tired of looking at the details in this stunning intuitive portrait by Jimmy Chung of

A painted intuitive portrait of El done by Jimmy Chung of on Instagram

I first discovered Jimmy’s intuitive portraits in 2020, and I just had to have mine done! And I’m so, so happy with how it turned out.

What I loved the most about the process is that aside from asking for a reference photo, Jimmy asks what symbols and imagery you’d like to include in your portrait, and he’ll find ways to bring it all together. It’s obvious that he puts a lot of love and thought into each and every portrait.

For my own portrait, here are some of the details he included:

  • The Sun — I have a strong affinity for the sun and all it stands for (positivity, light, truth, illumination, life, warmth, and so on), as well as solar deities like Apollon, Apolaki, and Amaterasu.
  • The Leo Constellation — My Sun Sign! Jimmy placed it inside the actual sun in the portrait, which I think makes absolute sense.
  • Fire / Flames — That sun is extra fiery, isn’t it? 🔥 That’s because aside from being a Leo Sun, I was also born in the year of the FIRE Tiger in the Chinese zodiac.
  • A Quill — Writing is my work and my craft. I didn’t specifically ask for a quill to be included here, but I did say that perhaps it would a good idea to include something that symbolizes my status as a writer.
  • Utpala (Blue Lotus) — A symbol of my love for the bodhisattva Tara, especially her Green form that’s usually shown holding an utpala. I love how Jimmy didn’t include just one utpala, but an entire garden of them. 💙
  • Tarot Cards — Self-explanatory. I think it’d be super weird if an intuitive portrait of me didn’t include tarot cards somewhere! 🤣
  • Crystals — Also self-explanatory, but what amazes me about this portrait is that Jimmy painted crystal pendants based on three of my real-life pendants (labradorite, black sunstone, and golden sunstone). 💖

This was an interesting exercise in figuring out what It is an absolute honor and privilege to be painted by such a talented artist.

Aside from creating beautiful portraits, Jimmy is a reiki healer who sells some absolutely gorgeous curated crystals on Instagram. Make sure to follow him on, and send him a DM if you want your own intuitive portrait commissioned!

This was adapted a post I made on my Instagram account on June 11, 2020.

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