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Enhancing Your Tarot Readings with Crystals

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Crystals are currently an integral part of my tarot practice, but it wasn’t always so. I used to do readings without any preparation, additional tools, or rituals at all. It was fine for a while, but as I started delving deeper into tarot and doing readings for people more often, I noticed readings were becoming more exhausting to do. So when a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of crystals two years ago, I started incorporating them into my practice.

I’ll start off by showing you what’s in my crystal arsenal whenever I sit down for a reading, and then I’ll offer some tips for other readers who want to start using crystals, too.

My Crystal Staples for Tarot Readings

I have a little black pouch of crystals that I always have with me during readings. The contents have evolved over time, but for the past year or so, this pouch includes (from left to right, top to bottom):

  • Rose Quartz — for improving compassion, empathy, and self-esteem
  • Selenite — for purification and cleansing, as well as mental clarity
  • Que Sera — for recharging energy, grounding, and improved intuition
  • Smoky Quartz — for neutralizing negative energy and calming emotions (also one of my very first crystals; it’s been with me since 2018)
  • Black Tourmaline — for protection and grounding
  • Mystic Merlinite (aka Indigo Gabbro) — for improved intuition, protection, and grounding
  • Amethyst — for improving intuition and calming emotions
  • Clear Quartz — for cleansing and amplifying the effects of other crystals
  • Lapis Lazuli — for enhancing ability listen and empathize, strengthening intuition, calm, and better self-expression/communication
  • Sunstone — for positivity, heightened energy, and improved confidence

I also have a set of bracelets that I always wear during readings (listed from left to right):

  • Larvikite — for protection as well as improving discernment, concentration, and mental clarity
  • Labradorite — for protection and enhancing intuition
  • Black Onyx — for grounding and protection
  • Smoky Quartz — for neutralizing negative energy and calming emotions
  • Hematite — for grounding and deflecting/eliminating negative energy

Aside from these, I also have a few crystals that I whip out for specific readings/needs:

  • Chinese Writing Stone and Blue Apatite — help with accessing the Akashic Records (for past life readings)
  • Rhodonite and Lepidolite — for healing, self-love, and forgiveness (for readings where the querent is recovering from emotional wounds and heartache)
  • Obsidian — for protection and grounding (when I feel I need even more protection from negative energy, lol)

Choosing Your Own Crystals

When building your own little arsenal of crystals for tarot reading, there’s no absolute formula. It really depends on you, the reader. What are the strengths you can amplify? What are the weaknesses that require more support? Look for crystals that can support/amplify where you need it most.

These are the first few crystals I ever owned.

For example: I know my empathy and intuition are useful tools for my readings, so I try to strengthen it with stones like rose quartz, mystic merlinite, amethyst, lapis lazuli, and que sera. BUT I also know that using these tools opens me up to negative energy and can potentially drain me. So I have a lot of grounding and protection stones as well. These are especially important for empaths like me, who tend to just absorb all of the feelings when doing readings. My staples include several stones to ground me and to absorb/transform/divert negative emotions so that I don’t take them all in as I read. I also have lots of stones to help me keep my head clear as I read, and to communicate my interpretations with clarity.

Other things to consider when buying crystals:

  • Aesthetics — Let’s be real: A lot of us buy crystals because they’re pretty. If you can’t stand to look at a crystal for long, if it doesn’t spark your interest, if you don’t even want to touch it… it’s probably not for you.
  • Authenticity — You don’t have to buy high-grade crystals all the time, but you should at least find out how to distinguish a real crystal from a fake one. This is especially important now that we’re mostly relying on online shopping. I was lucky enough to have learned a lot from the local shop that I used to frequent before lockdown (shout out to 5D Healing Crystals), whose staff is very knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to crystals. These days, newbie crystal buyers should probably ask more experienced crystal enthusiasts which sellers they can trust to sell good quality and 100% authentic crystals.
  • Price — You don’t have to spend a ton of money to start your crystal collection. You can start with a few tumbled stones (these are much cheaper than the larger chunks or free-standing pieces). Crystals are meant to stay with you for a long while, so make sure that you’re getting value for your money! Before you make a purchase, do some research and compare prices between different sellers, or ask a more knowledgeable crystal enthusiast for recommendations before making your final decision.

Recommended Crystal Shops in the Philippines

Here are some of the top crystal stores and sellers I can recommend for those of you residing in the Philippines! Please note that I only included five of the stores I’ve personally purchased from and are currently active; you can find a lot more on Instagram!

  • 5D Healing Crystals — The first ever crystal shop I visited, and my all-time favorite. Almost all my crystals (including my tumbles, bracelets, and pendants) are from them! You can order from their website at, or visit their physical store at Makati Central Square (from Chino Roces entrance, turn right at the stairs). You can also follow and message them on Instagram and Facebook.
  • — Check out for beautifully curated and reiki-infused crystals, all at affordable prices for their quality! If you’re looking for carved crystals (foxes, butterflies, dogs, and so on), this is also the shop to stalk. The owner is also an amazing artist who does gorgeous intuitive portraits. Just check out the “Intuitive Portraits” story highlight on his profile for samples!
  • Inner Crystal @innercrystal stocks unique and interesting pieces (including stuff I don’t normally see at other shops, like yellow fluorite and black moonstone) at surprisingly low prices.
  • Tricrystal PH — With absolutely gorgeous crystals and an equally amazing Instagram feed, @tricrystalph is the absolute top-tier crystal shop for me. Pieces at this shop can be a bit pricey, but if you really feel like investing in beautiful pieces to display in your altar and home, this is the place to go. Their IG stories and videos are also quite soothing and therapeutic, especially their beautiful videos of the moon.
  • Crystal Age — If you’re looking for high quality pendants, check out @crystal.age! They sell neatly wire-wrapped pendants and loose cabochons if you want to create your own jewelry using pretty crystals. They have bracelets and other types of crystals available too, but I think the pendants are what they’re best-known for.

There really isn’t a right or wrong way to go about incorporating crystals into your tarot practice. Just do your research, don’t overthink it, and have fun selecting your first crystals!

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