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Where to Buy Authentic Tarot and Oracle Decks in the PH

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I’ve already touched on this in my blog post talking about bootleg decks, but I figured I’d create a separate, more updated list of where to buy authentic tarot and oracle decks in the Philippines!

What are “authentic tarot decks / oracle decks”?

By “authentic” I mean those that are officially licensed and published by their creators and publishers. Bootleg or counterfeit decks are “fake” decks that are illegally produced by individuals or groups without permission from the original creators or publishers.

I talk about bootleg decks and why they’re problematic in my previous blog post”, but I’d like to remind y’all that these decks are plagiarized and illegal.

Authentic Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards versus a counterfeit / bootleg - packaging opened
An authentic copy of the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards vs a bootleg/fake

Why not make a blacklist of people selling bootlegs instead?

Because there are too fucking many of them. Parang masamang damo, amputa. Almost all the tarot and oracle decks you’ll see when searching on local e-commerce platforms like Lazada and Shopee are bootlegs. Even international e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Etsy are plagued by these fakes!

THEREFORE it is much easier to make a list of reliable, trustworthy online sellers and shops that carry authentic tarot and oracle decks.

List of Authentic Tarot and Oracle Deck Sellers in the Philippines

Screenshot of Artemis Paints on Shopee
Screenshot of Artemis Paints on Shopee

Please note that this only includes local shops and e-commerce pages. It does not include local deck creators who sell their decks themselves, or local readers who sell second-hand decks.

On Instagram

  1. Create in Stillness
  2. Curio Curation
  3. First2Mine
  4. Luna Brujeria
  5. RunIt Decks
  7. Uncommon Place

On Shopee

  1. Artemis Paints
  2. Four Wands Shop
  3. Fully Booked
  4. Luna Brujeria
  5. Scarlo Philippines
  6. RunIt Decks

On Lazada

  1. Card Valley
  2. Fully Booked
  3. Crypto Ventures
  4. Terrastar

On Their Own Websites

  1. First2Mine
  2. RunIt Decks
  3. Wiccan Online Shop

Special Mention: Tarot Tiangge

tarot tiangge banner

Tarot Tiangge deserves a special mention here, because it’s a Facebook group that serves as a platform for buying and selling both second-hand and brand-new decks. This is a little project spearheaded by Ledz (@eightsectarotphy on IG), moderated by Henny (@king.of.rainbows), Lui (@0ofwands), and yours truly.

If you live in the Philippines, come join us at Tarot Tiangge!

Did I miss any local sellers who stock authentic tarot and oracle decks in the Philippines? Send a contact form to let me know!

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