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Sunday Sunlight Picks: Week of August 28, 2022

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Photo of The Magic Fish graphic novel by Trung Le Nguyen and the Star Spinner Tarot box and cards, X of Swords, Knight of Chalices, VI of Wands

Sunday Sunlight Picks: Guidance for the Week Ahead

It’s okay to not be okay! Whatever feelings of heartbreak, failure, and defeat you may feel this week… allow yourself to feel them. Let your feelings flow. Don’t suppress anything; EXPRESS everything (without harming others or yourself, of course).

Take yourself out on a date, hide under the covers and scream into a pillow, let your cup overflow with tears if you feel like it. Whatever you feel right now, IT’S ALL RIGHT. And you will be all right. Remember that true healing can only happen if you sit with your feelings, face them, feel them, and express them.

🌟 PS: I highly, HIGHLY recommend The Magic Fish — a graphic novel by Trung Le Nguyen (aka Trungles), the creator of Star Spinner Tarot. On the surface, it’s about a young queer Vietnamese boy teaching his immigrant mother how to speak English by reading her fairy tales, but it goes much, MUCH deeper than that. It’s so good, and it earned Trungles a nomination for an Eisner Award for Best Writer/Artist. (For those who aren’t familiar, the Eisner Awards are like the Oscars for comics.)

As a Fully Booked Reading Ally, I earn a small commission when you buy through my links.

To learn more about this graphic novel, you can also check out the Fully Booked Chats session with the artist:

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