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Sun Magick: Phases of the Sun

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Flatlay of Everyday Sun Magic book by Dorothy Morrison, the Sun card from Tarot of the Golden Wheel by Mila Losenko, sunstones, honey calcite, and vintage sun brooch

Did you know the Sun has phases too? Many of us are familiar with moon phases, and align rituals or spellwork with it. But the Sun is just as magical and potent (and often more accessible) too! Let me share the phases of the Sun as defined by Dorothy Morrison in her book, Everyday Sun Magic.

☀️ DAWN: INFANT/YOUNG CHILD SUN – Represents the Inner Child; enthusiastic and fearless. 🌞 Ideal for any work related to new beginnings and fresh starts.

☀️ MORNING: ADOLESCENT BROTHER/LOVER SUN – Courageous, confident, and lusty. Think of a teenager or young adult driven by passion and hormones. 🤭 Good for anything to do with growth and expansion; love and sex.

☀️ NOON: FATHER SUN – The Eternal Father; a provider who loves unconditionally, and tempers discipline with laughter. 💛 Good for any work requiring a boost of energy that you’d normally reserve for the Full Moon.

☀️ AFTERNOON: SAGE/WARRIOR SUN – Balances wisdom and strength; strategic and not quick to anger. Communicates clearly; receptive and calms fears. 🏵 Best for work that grounds you, clears your mind, or requires professionalism and strategic thinking.

☀️ SUNSET: GRANDFATHER/SACRIFICIAL SUN – Joyful and wise; knows the importance of letting go. Willingly sacrifices himself for the good of all. 🥀 This phase is ideal for cleansing rituals, or work to get rid of harmful habits or bad juju.

Personally, I work a lot with Father Sun at noontime on Sundays because I really can’t keep up (or wait) for the full moon most days. 😅 Which among the phases of the sun appeals to YOU the most? Let me know in the comments!

This was adapted a post I made on my Instagram account on February 21, 2021.

In photo: Everyday Sun Magic by Dorothy Morrison the Sun card from Tarot of the Golden Wheel by Mila Losenko; vintage sun brooch; sunstone sphere from Parkrose Crystals, sunstone tower from A’s Crystal Online Shop, honey calcite sphere from IHAP Manila

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