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Tarocchi Fool’s Journey: Card 9 (The Hermit)

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In the beginning, there was the Fool; and the Major Arcana plays out the rest of his tale. “The Fool’s Journey” is a fascinating and important concept for both beginners and tarot pros alike. Come along with me as I revisit this journey through 22 cards from 22 different decks.

The Hermit card from the Fountain Tarot
Featuring: The After Tarot by Corinne Kenner, Pietro Alligo, and Giulia Francesca Massaglia

Strength: Drawing on Your Inner Power

The Fool has already seen the Strength he has within, and sees the value of looking inward. In time, he begins to seek deeper answers to life’s meaning, and to find it, he must spend time in quiet thought. He seeks solitude to process all he has learned, spending time away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of society.

In the dark of the night, the Hermit in the Fountain Tarot (by Jonathan Saiz, Jason Gruhl, and Andi Todaro) shines a light at the edge of the woods. He is alone, but he stands tall and resolute as he seeks answers in the darkest, most isolated parts of his soul. In his solitude, he finds peace and — most importantly — the answers he seeks.

What do you think of when you see the Hermit? Does this card resonate with you, as well? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below! 

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