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Tarocchi Fool’s Journey: Card 17 (The Star)

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In the beginning, there was the Fool; and the Major Arcana plays out the rest of his tale. “The Fool’s Journey” is a fascinating and important concept for both beginners and tarot pros alike. Come along with me as I revisit this journey through 22 cards from 22 different decks.

A photo of The Stars from the Manara Erotic Tarot
Featuring: Manara Erotic Tarot by Milo Manara

The Star: The Light of Hope

Looking up from the ruins of the Tower, the Fool can now clearly see the big, open sky above — a view he lost sight of while locked within the walls of the Tower. In the dark sky, he sees the Star, a shimmering beacon of hope in the aftermath of the Tower’s destruction. In this moment, the Fool is filled with serenity and inspiration, and a renewed feeling of faith and trust in himself.

The Stars in the Manara Erotic Tarot by Milo Manara is represented by a woman who looks like a movie star. The veil on her hat is being lifted away by the night breeze, illuminating her face as she smiles at the twinkling lights below, with her arms open wide as if dancing with them or ready to embrace them. She is a radiant being of hope, inspiration, and positive energy. Apart from the veil, there is a ribbon dancing in the wind, further emphasizing the light, spirited nature of the element of Air and the Aquarius sign.

Whenever you reach a devastating Tower moment in your journey, it helps to remember that the Star is always there, just waiting for you to lift your head up to see above and beyond the rubble.

What do you think of when you see the Star in a reading? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below!

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