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Tarocchi Fool’s Journey: Card 19 (The Sun)

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In the beginning, there was the Fool; and the Major Arcana plays out the rest of his tale. “The Fool’s Journey” is a fascinating and important concept for both beginners and tarot pros alike. Come along with me as I revisit this journey through 22 cards from 22 different decks.

A photo of The Sun from the Alchemia Tarot
Featuring: The Alchemia Tarot by Ako Morimura and Takaki

The Sun: Rise and SHINE

The golden rays of the Sun pierce the clouds of illusion, fear, and confusion. It cuts through the haze and darkness, shining light into all the hidden spaces obscured by shadow. The Fool‘s vision clears, and he is revitalized more, filled to the brim with confidence and optimism. Through the Sun’s enlightenment, he remembers everything that he is and everything that he has been through. He rediscovers his inner child and embraces it with loving joy, carrying it with him as he strides into the final stretch of his journey.

The Sun in the Alchemia Tarot by Ako Morimura and Takaki is an intense burst of light and color. While the traditional Rider Waite Smith card depicts the Sun with a serious, nearly-scowling face, here it is an orb made of pure light, with a golden-haired goddess smiling down at the boy and his horse as she bestows the Sun’s blessing upon them. Both rider and steed look like they’re having the time of their lives in the light of the Sun, with the boy leaning back with his hands in the air as if to catch the Sun’s gifts, absolutely confident that he will not falter and fall.

If my logo hasn’t given me away yet, the Sun means a LOT to me. It is, after all, my ruling planet (Leo Suns represent)! In the darkest of my days, I lost track of my own Sun. My sense of self was non-existent, my shadows were running amok, and my inner light was on the verge of being snuffed out. But I held on to that tiny bit of light. I protected it and nurtured it until it burned bright as the Sun once more. And now I know exactly who and what I am: I AM the Sun’s daughter. My light burns bright, and my shadows dance to the beat of my flames.

What do you think of when you see the Sun in a reading? Feel free to share your thoughts in a comment below! 

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