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Recommended Tarot Readers from the Philippines

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Who reads cards for a tarot reader? Many of us read for ourselves, but it’s also good to get another reader’s perspective. Here are six fellow Filipino tarot readers whose services I highly recommend!

Chris of Sacred Space Tarot

Chris is the closest thing I have to a mentor in this spiritual journey. Though she’s only just a few years older than me, she truly feels like a nurturing mom. She offers a wide array of services and workshops, ranging from tarot reading to reiki to the Inanna Healing System.

I’ve had a past life reading from her, as well as reiki healing sessions (on separate occasions). The past life she revealed involved me being such a jerk, but she never judged me for it; only offering understanding and assurance and advice on what to do with the lesson learnt from that past life. Her healing services are also something I vouch for. When she sends you her healing energy, you will feel her nurturing, loving presence and truly feel warm and comforted.

Chris is currently based in Spain, but she and her family will be back to visit their Siargao home soon. Check out her services and contact her via her Instagram account: @sacredspacetarot.

Kevin of Arcane Senses

Kevin may not be based in the Philippines, but he’s a highly skilled Filipino tarot reader. He’s a gentle, wise soul whose readings are insightful, grounded, and offers actionable advice. I’ve had a few readings with him already, and he always hits the nail on the head. He doesn’t shy away from tough lessons that you need to learn, but at the same time, he gives you nurturing medicine and advice to help you find your way forward. The PDF files that come with his video readings are very thorough and well-crafted, and are great to go back to time and time again, too.

Kevin is currently based in Sydney, Australia. You can book a reading on his website at or visit his profile on Instagram.

CJ of Imaginarium Tarot

CJ is an amazing artist and the creator of the Imaginarium Tarot. He has such an engaging way of explaining the details of each card he pulls, keeping the entire reading light and bright without avoiding/covering up the tough stuff if/when they come out. He’s sadly on hiatus from giving readings now, but I strongly recommend getting a reading from him once he’s back!

CJ used to be based in Siargao, but as far as I know has recently moved back to Metro Manila. You can find him on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook.

Chinggay of Practical Magic

If you’re into tarot in the Phililippines, it’s very unlikely that you’ve never heard of Chinggay. She is the genius behind Practical Magic, and has created many books, card decks, and courses that that are so informative and helpful to every practitioner, especially those who are just starting out. I’ve had a few readings with her already, and I absolutely love going through her PDF readings because they’re simple, easy to digest, while still being very insightful.

She hasn’t opened up her individual tarot reading slots for June yet, but she offers online reading subscriptions that actually allow you to save money on multiple readings. Check out her website to learn more!

Luna of Luna Brujeria

Luna is the owner of Luna Brujeria, the first occult bookshop in the Philippines and one of my favorite occult shops ever. She’s a kind and generous soul and a powerful practitioner of many crafts — including tarot reading, sigil magick, creating magickal oils and sprays, and more.

You can find a list of her tarot reading services on her personal Instagram account: @616lvna. You can also find her store on Shopee.

Ashley Gosiengfiao

Ash is a pretty well-known influencer in the gaming industry, and though she’s younger than me, she happens to be my aunt (my dad’s cousin). Spirituality, healing, and magick seems to run in the family, it seems! She has always been a force to be reckoned with, even when we were kids.

Beyond being a powerful practitioner armed with tons of wisdom and knowledge, Ash is one who truly empowers others to elevate themselves to new heights. You can book a reading with her at her Instagram account: @ashlili.readings.

There are actually a lot of great tarot readers in the Philippines, and I honestly can’t list them all in one go! My main platform is Instagram, so maybe I missed some good readers on TikTok or Facebook. You may want to check this article by We the Pvblic to see some popular Filipino TikTok tarot readers!

Whether you choose to look for a Pinoy tarot reader on social media or via Google search, I advise you to check out their social media profiles and/or websites so you have a good idea what kind of services they offer, what their price range is, and if their personality and overall vibe are good matches for you. And please, BE WARY OF SCAMMERS/IMPERSONATORS! Make sure that the social media profile/s you’re looking at are the real deal and not a scammer pretending to be something they’re not.

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