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Eagerly Anticipating Stephanie Law’s Verdance Tarot

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Stephanie Law, the creator of the beautiful Shadowscapes Tarot, is currently working on a new deck: The Verdance Tarot. And as expected, the artwork is simply stunning.

There’s just something about Stephanie Law’s artwork that always fascinated me since my college days in the mid to late 2000s. There’s just so much depth in each and every piece she creates — so many gorgeous details to take in, so many layers of meaning to unpack. And all elegantly executed in an ethereal, fantastical style that is distinctly, unmistakably hers.

This photo is from my unboxing of the Shadowscapes Tarot over at my gamer/geek blog, Fangirlisms, way back in 2016.

Back in my college days, the only way I had to support Stephanie Law and my other favorite artists was to follow and engage with them on DeviantArt or LiveJournal. Now I’m glad have the ability and access to support them in more tangible ways. For the Verdance Tarot, I made sure to subscribe to Stephanie Law’s Patreon to show my support and and get some exclusive behind-the-scenes content while I’m at it. Come subscribe to show your support, too!

I’m sure this is going to take a few years to complete, as the Shadowscapes Tarot took roughly 6 years (from 2004-2010). But just as I eagerly awaited the day I could get my hands on my Shadowscapes Tarot since I was in college, I’m very willing to wait for the Verdance Tarot (show my support when/where I can) along the way.

You can view the rest of Verdance Tarot artwork Stephanie Law has completed so far on her Shadowscapes website and her Instagram account @spmlaw.


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