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Why Get a Written Tarot Reading?

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As a tarot reader who is also a writer, written PDFs are my preferred format for delivering my readings. Given how busy I get and how busy my clients get, finding time to align schedules for a F2F or online tarot reading can feel like yet another thing to squeeze into our never-ending game of scheduling Tetris. That’s one of the reasons I think written readings delivered via email are pretty convenient both me and my clients. Plus, there are other reasons a written tarot reading might be the perfect fit for you!

El Tarocchi PDF written tarot reading sample pages
Sample pages from one of my PDF readings; photos and write-ups are placeholders only.

Dive Deeper and Reflect at Your Own Pace

Tarot cards are like beautiful, symbolic maps. During a reading, I interpret the cards drawn for your specific concern, helping you uncover hidden patterns and emotions within yourself. The magic of a written reading is that you get to keep this map! Unlike a conversation, a written format gives you the time to absorb the interpretation and delve deeper into how exactly they resonate with you. The spread (the layout of the cards) is right there, with my interpretations alongside the imagery and keywords on the cards. This gives you the freedom to explore the reading at your own pace, contemplating the messages and uncovering fresh meanings as they arise.

Access Your Written Tarot Reading Anytime, Anywhere

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As mentioned in my intro, life can get hectic, and scheduling an in-person reading can be tricky. Written readings offer flexibility! When you book a reading with me and your payment is completed, I’ll deliver a written PDF within one week. This PDF will then be accessible to you anytime, anywhere. You can revisit the reading as often as you want! I’ve even had some clients say that they pinned the PDF onto their desktop or their mobile device’s homepage, or that they printed out a copy for them to refer to.

A Constant Companion for Growth

My tarot readings aren’t about predicting the future; they’re about empowering YOU. They illuminate potential paths and highlight possible consequences of your choices. The beauty of a written reading is that aside from being a permanent record of this guidance, a written tarot reading that you can go back to allows you to keep better track of your progress. Aside from being better equipped to apply the guidance provided by your reading, you can look back on it at a later date and see how far you’ve come — whether you applied the guidance or not!

So, if you’re curious about self-discovery, value flexibility, and appreciate lasting tool for growth, a written tarot reading could be the perfect way to explore your path forward. I’d be happy to be your guide!

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